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HGEA Member Benefits


For more than 50 years, Royal State Insurance has offered HGEA

members the most comprehensive selection of products.

We not only underwrite products just for you – we are also an agency representing
other companies in order to find you the best products to meet your needs.
Choose from our variety of life insurance products with low group rates
(or combine them for a higher total coverage level): Specialty Group Term Life Insurance,
Royal Group Term Life Insurance, and Group Term Life Insurance. 

Your HGEA membership also includes $2,000 of Group Accident Insurance
at no cost to you! 
You can also purchase additional coverage, up to $250,000
for less than a dollar per  day.  Ask us about our Family Protection Plan, to insure
your spouse and unmarried dependent children.

Click on the product names on the right to obtain additional information.

Everything we do is designed to serve your needs. As part of our charter,
we are committed to keeping you educated about your choices.
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Individual Accident Indemnity Advantage
Individual Cancer
Individual Dental
Individual Hospital
Individual Vision
Individual Short Term Disability
Individual Critical Illness

Plus Rider
The PLUS RIDER can be added to the following: Individual Accident Indemnity Advantage, Individual Hospital, Individual Short Term Disability.

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